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This year the National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 3

Many different groups will gather that day all across the U.S.  in cities large & small - simply to pray for our country,  our states,  our cities - and those who lead them.

Beginning at 6PM,  there will be a brief gathering at Rathdrum City Hall.
If the weather is nice, we’ll be outside by the flagpole.  If the weather is inclement, we will meet across the street in Harvest Church in the Palidash building.

Our brief program will take only 45 minutes as we are encouraged to pray and are led in prayer by local pastors and leaders.  Our focus will be on praying for the United States,  for Idaho,  for Rathdrum,  for our Police, Fire and city workers, and for the people of our community.  We are expecting it to be an encouraging and uplifting time.